How to get a discount and save more money when buying Apple’s Macbook

Apple’s Apple MacBook is certainly an excellent laptop, but they are also quite expensive. Many users are more concerned about how they can get a cheap MacBook?Here are some useful tips on how to take advantage of discount information when you buy a Mac laptop to get a MacBook at the cheapest price and save more money in your life.

If you already own a MacBook laptop bought through official channels, when you plan to buy a new MacBook, it is recommended to check the official trade-in credit policy offered by Apple’s official website first, or it is a good choice to sell it online yourself, after all, Apple’s electronic products MacBook are quite valuable. If you are buying a MacBook for the first time, you can also save money by learning how to shop.

1. Determine the features you need in a Macbook and the size of your budget

There is no need to spend blindly and impulsively unless you are completely broke. Ask yourself which MacBook you should buy and figure out what hardware specifications you need. Start with what you actually need. Maybe you’ll end up spending a few thousand dollars more for more storage space, or buy a MacBook Pro instead of a MacBook just because you found a good deal. If you just need a thin and light laptop for everyday Office document needs and Internet video entertainment that’s easy to carry around campus with you all the time A deal that meets your needs is the perfect choice for you.

Smart shoppers know that the laptop itself isn’t the only part of the MacBook experience, not the entirety of the price cost. You can also spend that money on ancillary items such as the AppleCare extended warranty, or other accessory purchases.

2. Buy at the right time – like during a major sale or new product launch

If you buy a new laptop, you certainly don’t want to see a new model released a week after you buy it. Thankfully, the release of Apple’s graphics MacBooks is usually predictable, and it’s easy to find out what new MacBook models Apple expects to launch each year, and when they will start selling. Public information on specific MacBook models can be found on the web before purchase.

Number of days since the release of the current model
Average number of days between models
Number of days between all recent releases in the product line
Rumors about the new product and what features it will have
Rating – Buy Now, Neutral, Cautious, Don’t Buy

Once you know when a new model will be released, decide if you want to wait. Usually, existing models in a product line drop in price when a new model comes out. Therefore, you can buy the new product and save the cost of upgrading later. Or you can buy a previous generation model and save a few hundred dollars.

If you’re a student, teacher or parent of a student, keep an eye out for back-to-school promotions on Apple’s promotions page from July through September. With these events, you can buy discounted accessories or get a good deal on an exchange. Educational pricing offers also provide slight discounts on all Mac and iPad models throughout the year.

3. The best deals aren’t always at the Apple Store – online shopping platforms may have even bigger discounts

You can buy a MacBook from an Apple Store retail location or Apple’s online store, and the models above are usually in a stable price range. But if you buy from an authorized Apple reseller like Amazon or Jingdong Flagship Store, you’ll often find there are also stacked discounts from e-commerce platforms. For example, you can get products like Apple MacBooks and iPads for less than the official retail price.

Don’t worry – as long as you’re buying a truly new product – original first-hand goods – there’s no difference in quality no matter where you buy your Mac from.

Benefits of buying cheap Macbooks from Apple

“If you don’t buy from a retail location and want to return the machine in-store, you can’t just exchange it. You have to go through the original retailer or Apple’s online warranty system. I found this out when I tried to exchange a warranty claim for an iPhone I purchased from Apple’s online store and was denied.”

So, if returns and warranties are your concern, buying in-store will give you the most peace of mind. However, if you are a student or work for a company that participates in Apple’s employee purchase program, you will receive a significant discount at Apple’s online store.

Benefits of buying cheap Macbooks from other online e-commerce platforms

The only real benefit of not buying from the Apple Store is that you will almost always save some money. Discover any anomalies you should be aware of by comparing the latest prices from all Apple authorized resellers for specific packages and freebies, and whether the seller will charge sales tax on top of the stated price. After a side-by-side comparison, you’ll always be able to find a cheaper deal on the channel.

Remember, even if you don’t buy from the Apple Store, you’re still eligible for Apple’s warranty and the same benefits. For after-sales and warranty concerns, you can also purchase additional AppleCare protection for better warranty and return service.

4. Buy a refurbished or used MacBook

Apple laptops are known for standing the test of time. It is known that the resale value of MacBooks lies in this, so it is safer to buy refurbished or used MacBooks compared to other laptops. Generally speaking, your options can be boiled down to one of three choices

Buy from Apple’s official refurbished stores. Apple accepts faulty MacBooks returned by owners, fixes them, and sells them as refurbished products. Because they are not brand new laptops, they are discounted, 10-20% below retail price. These refurbished units are extensively tested and Apple guarantees that they will work as efficiently as new models. They also come with a one-year warranty.

Buy tested used MacBooks from other retailers. Some stores buy used MacBooks from owners, fix them and test them extensively before reselling them. These stores offer their own warranties, not Apple’s. While these stores are much cheaper than Apple’s officially refurbished MacBooks, we still don’t recommend the average user to make a purchase.

If you buy a used MacBook directly from the owner, many people may think it’s just the cheapest deal, but it’s actually the riskiest option and we recommend that the average user avoid it. If you get ripped off, you’re on your own.

If you’re interested in these options, check out our detailed guide on how to buy a refurbished MacBook and save money.

5. Shop for MacBook accessories as needed

Once you’ve bought your MacBook, your spending isn’t over. Over its lifetime, you may need accessories such as a simple Magic mouse or a MacBook stand. Or you may need a dock to add more ports to your MacBook.

All of these accessories add up over the life of your MacBook, so use any money you save during the purchase process as a nest egg for subsequent accessory purchases.

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