Find the best laptop keyboard with touchpad for a comfortable feel

Buying a good laptop with a well-designed keyboard and touchpad can help you work and study more efficiently. A good ergonomic keyboard design can also help you win more at your favorite PC games. A laptop keyboard should look similar to a full-size desktop keyboard and provide the same reliable tactile feedback. There is enough space between each key to provide a spacious typing experience.

Mechanical Keyboards

Among the gamer and coder community, mechanical keyboards driven by mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular recently. Typically, mechanical keyboards help you type faster and more accurately, and they last longer than most laptop keyboards.

The size of the laptop screen will determine the size of the keyboard. As laptops become smaller and space constraints make it less likely that they will be equipped with full-size keyboards, manufacturers will need to be more creative in designing the size and placement of the keyboard’s keys. In order to save space, keys may need to be flush with the keyboard seat, resulting in a shallow feel when typing, and certain shortcut keys have been abandoned.

Some notebooks with large screens, such as gaming notebooks, will still have a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad on the right side, just like a standard keyboard.

Note that laptops with mechanical keyboards are heavier and bulkier than most notebooks. These are usually larger desktop replacements and will not make the best travel companions.


Touchpads can provide the same functionality as a mouse, can be made from a variety of materials, and offer a variety of additional features depending on the manufacturer and model. Specific performance depends on the source of the touchpad and the associated software, and it is difficult to assess how a touchpad feels to use without trying it out for yourself.

Apple’s touchpads have always been appreciated, especially for their gesture recognition capabilities, and many Windows touchpads are catching up to this direction.

Fingertip Touch Stick

Many business laptops will insert a “nub” or pointing stick between the G and H keys. You don’t need to lift your fingers off the main row of the keyboard to help you navigate the desktop more efficiently. The most famous is the little red dot in Lenovo’s thinkpad series.

However, it should be noted that these little rockers lack precision and will wear out over time and need to be replaced.


We hope you can use the science of laptop keyboards as a reference to help you find the laptop of your dreams.

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