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Whether a school student who needs to take a course, a professional working on their next masterpiece, or a business person putting the finishing touches on an important presentation, they all need a laptop that will meet their needs and budget. With many laptop brand names in the world, how do you make the most cost effective laptop purchase choice? There are several important criteria for reviewing laptop brands and models; performance, design, support and warranty, innovation, and value and choice. Read on to find out how your favorite brands perform.


The world’s largest laptop OEM continues to produce powerful, beautiful and innovative systems with a robust line of laptops. Pushing innovation over the years, implementing new features and bringing some of the best designs we’ve ever seen. It’s worth noting that technical support varies by country region.


Groundbreaking – that’s a word that comes to mind when we think of Dell. The Texas-based tech giant pioneered the four-sided, bezel-less display with its popular XPS line. It was this innovative vision that helped make Dell famous around the world.


Lenovo offers a wide selection and a handful of reliable products – most notably its ThinkPad line of laptops. The company offers the best business laptops with higher performance and tops the list for global shipments. But I think too little thought has gone into innovation.


Acer offers a more cost effective workstation class of computers due to its strong specifications. However, some believe the company also offers some mediocre products.


The company still has a lot of room for improvement, especially in expanding its product line, and we were impressed by the bold and colorful designs of Samsung laptops.


The company continues to create gorgeous laptops with great performance configurations. In addition to its focus on gaming, Alien has begun to expand its horizons to target creative professionals with workstations that are just as enticing as gaming laptops. In 2021, we have more to look forward to from Alienware and see the prospect of its comeback.


A few people were disappointed with the Surface Pro X, the latest addition to Microsoft’s laptop/tablet lineup. The tried-and-true model Surface Pro series continues to excel in form factor, performance and portability and is well suited for affluent college students and clerical workers.


Apple’s phones are always the most noteworthy, but expensive Apple laptops lack the diversity of offerings for budget-conscious consumers to consider. At the same time, we understand that Apple is a luxury brand, so while Apple may not be able to cater to its non-affluent fans, the tech giant can still deserve the attention of professionals by introducing new design solutions and taking more risks through innovation.

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